Mission Statement. Special Hockey Northern Virginia exists for the enrichment of the athlete with a developmental disability. In addition to physical hockey skills, the program emphasizes the development of desirable individuals.

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Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2005 Cooksville

Host: Cooksville Crusaders
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Date: March 31st-April 2nd , 2005

2005 International Tournament

Host: Cooksville Crusaders

Location:  Cooksville, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 31st - April 2th,  2005


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2006 London, England/St. Louis, MO

  1. Host: Werewolves of London
    Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, ENGLAND
    Date: March 13th-March 14th, 2006



From (Month/Year): 04/2007 (Estimated). To (Month/Year): 04/2007 (Estimated).

Countries Visited

  1. Country: USA Kettler Iceplex.
  2. Host:NOVA CoolCats Special Hockey
    Location: Arlington, Virginia
    Date: April 19th-April 21st, 2007

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2008 North York Gladiators

Host: North York Gladiators
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: April 10th-April 12th, 2008

From (Month/Year): 04/2008 (Estimated). To (Month/Year): 04/2008 (Estimated).


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2009 Grandravine Tornadoes

April 16 – 18, 2009

Host: Grandravine Tornadoes
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: April 16th – April 18th,  2009

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2010 Orangeville, Ontario

Host: Orangeville Wolves
Location: Orangeville, Ontario
Date: April 15th – April 17th,  2010


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2011 Boston, MA

Host: Boston Bear Cubs
Location: Marlboro, Boston, MA
Date: April 28th – April 30th,  2011



Host: Werewolves of London
Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, ENGLAND
Date: April 15th – April 19th,  2012


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2013

Host: Kitchener

Date: April 15th – April 19th, 2013


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2014




All of the tournaments:             http://werewolvesoflondon.org.uk/shi-tournaments/