Mission Statement. Special Hockey Northern Virginia exists for the enrichment of the athlete with a developmental disability. In addition to physical hockey skills, the program emphasizes the development of desirable individuals.

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Wall of Declines:
     Comment: My level 2 seminar was cancelled at Reston. The lvl 2 seminar at Rockville on this date was the closest available, but I don't believe I'll have time to reach Ashburn by 3:20 as the senimar runs about that long
 Comment: Need at least week advance notice - cant make it - sorry

Comment: i blame wife
 Comment: Visiting colleges over the weekend in S. VA and NC
Comment: committed to another obligation didn't get the block in
Comment: parents are coming in from florida on Thursday to spend weekend with me
Comment: I am going to now be out of town on Sunday with a away game in the afternoon.
   Comment: Sorry. Have a family function. Thanks tho
 Comment: Caps tickets that night already bought
     Comment: Have to work for a friend that day now from 7a to 7p just happened this weekend
     Comment: Wife schedules things without telling me
  Comment: I sent you an email--Taking SAT this day
Didn't think had a game to ref so I agreed to have a study session for midterms at my house on Sunday afternoon sorry I can't change it but I did add in the noon time game
I'm still waiting on my equipment to be deleivered
  Comment: Sorry Randy... I can't make this late game as I just started a new job and the late week nights are tough for me.
 Comment: Apologies, change of plans for son's birthday
Comment: Scheduled to work day job. Still figuring out Arbiter site and how to set up blocks
Comment: In Florida until early January
​Comment: out of town
Comment: Have a game in Pittsburgh. No way to be back in time
Comment: Sorry Randy - I have class on Wednesday's until 10 this semester.
Comment: College game in PA
 Comment: Jon gave me games that day already. Sorry.
Comment: Have another family commitment that popped up since submitting my availabilty
Comment: sorry but have another commitment at the same time on that day.
 Comment: Two star brief Friday cannot be out that late.
Comment: Won't be able to do this after A/AA at Reston... Sunday open?
Comment: I'm in Salt Lake City for week. Available rest of season. will set block
Randy, I realize this will make you angry but my son's team just scheduled a game for the same time as what you are offering. If it helps I am available in the morning of 10/3, I really don't want to piss you off and the game was just given to my son's team last night. I had no previous knowledge of this, I am truly sorry and enjoy skating games for you at Ashburn.
Randy - I apologize I can't accept. Newly announced granddaughter event overrides my desire to ref.