Mission Statement. Special Hockey Northern Virginia exists for the enrichment of the athlete with a developmental disability. In addition to physical hockey skills, the program emphasizes the development of desirable individuals.

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Camp 2012

Mentors and Cool Cat Players

Jeff Halpren attends Cool Cats Camp 2012


Click for Camp Flyer: http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2015/Camp 2012/Cool Cats Summer Camp Mentors Flyer 2012.doc

Directions Register Online.

Step 1: Go to www.novacoolcats.org
Step 2: On the left side on the web-site you must click on Register Online
Step 3: Click the appropriate Begin Registration
                        Mentors Form for Camp 2012
                        Mentors Summer Schedule 2012

Step 4: Once you click on the begin registration, a notification of you must be 18 will appear. Click Continue.

Step 5: Most of you will have to put your email into the Email slot under Sign in then you must get your password from your email in box.

Step 6 Enter your new password into the password slot.

Step 7: Enter the players information in the form.

Step 8: It will take you to the Mentors Form for Camp 2012, Please fill it out.

Step 9: You can do the second survey for the Mentors Summer Schedule 2012

Please keep your password handy as we will be using this survey on a regular basis.

                      Meeting August TBD at  Kettler Iceplex

Mentor Flyer: http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2015/Camp 2012/Mentor Meeting Document 5-20-2012.doc

Mentor Meeting PDF: http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2015/Camp 2012/USA Hockey Disabled CEP-1 for NOVA Cool Cats 5-20-2012.ppt

NOVA Cool Cats  Special  Hockey, Inc.

Thank you for mentoring