Mission Statement. Special Hockey Northern Virginia exists for the enrichment of the athlete with a developmental disability. In addition to physical hockey skills, the program emphasizes the development of desirable individuals.

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Official Joe Ogulin drops the puck on the Whitey Outdoor rink. Cool Cats Aidan Smith is the Center.

Emily Buzzard and Amanda Brawley await for Mike Hickey to drop the puck at the UCT Tour. Opening Ceremonies.

The SHOA, (Southeastern Officials Association), officials were:
Matthew Dumpert, 
Cody Starken, 
Tim Fitzgerald, 
Didier Devynck, 
Tom LaTona, 

Gary LaBelle, 
Trish Foote, 
Mike Vivlamore, 
Garrick Wang, 
Jay Lach, 
Tom Barrett, 
Stephen Robinson, 
Kurt Klausner, 
Allan Bass, 
Joe Ogulin, 
Justin Wade, 
David Kriston, 
Tommy Henry, 
William Zinkhan, 
Noah Meaux, 
Dave Boyer, 
Celia Anderson Davis
Nance Streifel.​